Duff and SLASH Near Death

Duff and SLASH Near Death
by Whitney Everett

L.A was the place to hang out in the 80's and early 90's. Everyone was
into booze, drugs and partying. But we all know how that goes.

"Hey Duff are ya goin' out tanight?" Slash the handsome guitarists manages
to say with a drunken' slur.

"I was planin' on it to get some chicks! Ya know me! I love my booze and
my chicks!! Duff the sexy bassist says without hesitation.

Later on that night Duff and Slash head out on the Sunset Strip planin' on
a good time weary to what will happen later! As usual they stop at

"The Rainbow Bar and Grill" to get a drink and mingle with their friends.
Then they head down the way to "The Cathouse" where their like family, to
hang-out with Taime Downe and Riki Rachtman.

Duff had remembered that they had a gig the next day, so they bought a
case of

Jack Daniel's and went back to the hotel. They were havin' a good time as
usual, so it was normal to find Slash passed out, little to Duff or
anybody else's drunken mind, Slash was dead to the world. At 4:00 in the
morning Guns N' Roses manager got a phone call from the desk clerk saying
"Sir your guitarist is passed out on the sidewalk in front of the hotel."
Their manager along with Duff and the rest of the Guns went to carry him
back to his room. As soon as they got to the sexy guitarist laying
sprawled out on the pavement Duff knew his brotherly friend was dead and
called the paramedic's. They tried CPR and the paddles but they didn't
seem to work so they revived him by jamming adrenaline strait into his
heart. Duff hollered as soon as he knew his friend was alive and kickin'!

"Man don't ever do that to me again Slash! Man I love ya to much to lose
ya! Your like a brother to me ya know Guns N' Roses is like a family we
just can't lose you man!!" Duff said to his friend.

"Yea, Yea I know man I love you too but can we talk later I got a
splittin' headache." Slash said squinting from Duff's voice.

"I'm sorry man but you scared me and the rest of the Guns. Man we'll leave
ya alone to rest but If ya need anything you know my room number." Duff
said to his friend with brother like concern in his voice.

Duff along with being drunk from drinking a half a case of Jack Daniel's,
partying, and then with what happened to Slash. Drank and the more he
drank the more he was fighting to stay alive. Duff then passed out on his
bed after downing a bottle of vodka. Duff woke up late the next morning,
had little time to get dressed and be at the gig. He was tired, hung over
and sick from his alcohol problem. He was wasting away on the inside. He
passed out on stage at their gig, and had to be rushed to the hospital. He
overdosed, with a mixture of Jack Daniel's and cocaine was all it took to
wear what was left inside him. Slash, Matt, Izzy, Axl and Dizzy were all
at his bedside waiting for him to wake up.

"Can I have a moment alone with Slash?" Duff asked quietly with almost no
voice left from his stomach being pumped.

Everyone except Slash left the room.

"Hey man how ya feelin'?" Slash asked almost crying.

"Fine I guess." Duff replied back.

Duff in tears now "Man I'm sorry I just didn't know what was goin' on with
me I couldn't stand almost losing you so I guess I just wasn't thinking.
But I don't think I could like ever lose you cause your like flesh and
blood to me man. So now I can't like drink that much man. Will you help me
and I'll help you?" Duff said rambling off kinda crying.

"I know no one knows how much more they can take before they like die or
pass out and end up in the hospital. But man I love ya and we can make it
through anything together. We can protect each other. After that's what
family supposed to do right?" Slash said while smiling.

"Right man. Family that's right." Duff said to his bedside friend.

After Duff and Slash recovered fully they had a problem to deal with the
band and their personal lives. Well they had a feeling that their fun and
the band was coming to a screeching halt. Izzy left the band, then Slash
but then the final straw was Duff and Matt leaving Guns N' Roses. The fun
and brotherhood that came along with

Guns N' Roses was over. But what went on during their time in Guns N'
Roses will always be there and they will always have each other no matter
what goes on. Nomore Guns N' Roses but there will always be that
brotherhood between Duff and Slash. Duff and Slash have each other,
friends, family and chicks to take care of them.

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