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SLASH: Touring Band Members

(Updated August 2010)

In May 2010, SLASH announced the members of his touring band. He had recorded SLASH with Josh Freese on drums and Chris Chaney on bass. Vocals were recorded by the guest vocalist for each track. SLASH decided to tour in suppport of the album, and rounded up some good band members.

Todd "Dammit" Kerns is on bass. Todd is formerly of Sin City Sinners, Static in Stereo and Age of Electric. Todd said he played most of the UK tour on the verge of suffering a detached retina in his right eye. And just before heading to Glastonbury, he was told he could lose his sight permanently. An eye specialist confirmed that Todd had suffered a vitreous hemorrhage, a tear in the retina. He's still not allowed to run or rock too hard on stage. If you saw Todd at Glastonbury, you saw a subdued performance. SLASH and the band are playing in Europe where Todd says his eye is clearing up, but he still has Scandinavia and Russia to go before returning to the States. Todd says, "...I look forward to playing music every day." Todd underwent retinal detachment surgery on July 16. Replacing Todd for the upcoming Asia/ Australia tour is Tony Montana. Tony is from Great White and is pictured at right.

Bobby Schneck is the rhythm guitarist. Bobby was formerly in Weezer and Green Day.

Brent Fitz is the drummer. Brent was formerly with Alice Cooper and Vince Neil.

Myles Kennedy is the vocalist. Myles is from Alter Bridge. SLASH says Myles can sing any of the SLASH songs plus Snakepit and GNR songs. They will even throw in some from Alter Bridge.

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