The Tourbus Interviews SLASH's Snakepit 8/26/00

SLASH's Snakepit did an interview with The Tourbus on 8/26/00. The Tourbus is a New Jersey radio station that is also online at This was a phone interview with the band in a hotel conference room. At first, only Rod Jackson and Johnny G were there to handle the questions, but they did great. Rod only faltered on the question of when the tour would end, but Sam Frankel, their manager, was there to supply the correct answer, "as long as we can"! The two handled questions about the difficulty in doing a show where the audience doesn't know the song, the album isn't out, and the audience doesn't know the band. They are working very hard out there. They talked about how nice AC/DC has been to them and that they do get together and hang out with them. Keri Kelli came in and talked about his hair first which has gone from all black, to a patch of blonde to all blonde! They talked about the future of rock and roll, and Keri talked about previous interviews with them when he was on tour with Warrant. Three songs were played. SLASH came in, and his voice was very hoarse. He talked about why "Mr. Brownstone" was selected. The songs have been clipped out for copyright reasons, but the rest of the interview is right here:
The Tourbus Interview

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