Thank You

Jade watched Slash onstage, lost herself in the swiftness and skill with which Slash's fingers moved on the guitar strings. Lost herself in gazing at his long, thick, dark curls, gazing at the beads of sweat trickling down the smooth bronzed skin of his lean, muscular arms and torso. Gazing at the expression on his face. His eyes closed as if he too, were held captive by a spell. She lost herself in the energy with which he played. She raised her hands skyward, savoring the feeling of rapture his music evoked within her. Jade wanted to meet Slash, she wanted the chance to tell him how much his music meant to her. It had been a while since she'd been been to a rock concert, but she remembered how crowded and crazy things got, especially after a huge show like this one. It was for this reason, that she preferred club shows a bit more, somehow you felt a stronger connection to the music, that you just didn't feel when you were lost inside a concert hall.......
She remembered seeing another guitarist whose music she had loved, back in 1965 at the Cafe Wha named Jimmy. She especially loved it when he would just jam, play whatever he was thinking of, whatever he was feeling. Once he had returned from England, as "Jimi" things were somehow never quite the same. She saw him at different concerts, but the ones that stuck out in her mind, were Woodstock, and the Isle of Wight Festival. She had sensed his sadness, weariness, and frustration. She had wanted to help him, wanted to take his pain away, but she was learning there were some things that were just not in her power to give. She still wrestled with the question of whether or not offering the choice to him, the choice of immortality would have been a blessing or a curse. She had never even told him what she was, but there were moments when she was sure that he knew, but he never treated her any differently for it, and that made the loss of Jimi Hendrix that much harder on her.

For her, no other guitarist since played with that same type of feeling, that same type of energy, and she was convinced that there never would be until she'd seen seen Guns N'Roses at The Troubador in 1986. She had seen the lead guitarist in other bands, she had been certain, because there could be no mistaking his sound, there was definitely something about it, and from then on she was hooked.


The end of the show snapped her out of her reverie. After the concert, Jade finally got the chance to meet Slash. She was rather pleasantly surprised to find out how down-to-earth and agreeable he was, despite how tired he must have been. Jade even got the chance to meet Slash's girlfriend, who was not only very beautiful, but very gracious as well. They spoke briefly about the show, and musicians they enjoyed. Slash noticed Jade's silver snake armband, and asked her about it. She came up with some type of suitable response. If she really told Slash where the silver snake with the ruby eyes coiled around her arm came from, he and his girlfriend would either laugh at her in disbelief, or Slash and she, Rod, Ryan, and everyone in the vicinity would haul ass to get away from her, and she didn't think she could handle either of those possibilities very well. She remembered the night she'd been changed.............


It had been 1479 B.C. in the month of Athor, season of water plants, and she had been leaving a temple dedicated to the goddess Sekhmet after leaving an offering. It was just after dusk, when out of nowhere appeared a stranger whose appearance was unlike that of any man she'd ever seen. Jade knew he was not a temple priest, because priests had to shave off all of their

body hair. And yet, she sensed very strongly that this being belonged at this temple. Draped about his neck was a great snake, and at his feet crouched a black panther, it's blue-black coat luminescent in the moonlight. The stranger had with him a string instrument, with a flat back, and rounded sides.
"What is it you're looking for?" he asked her.
"Release." she had whispered.
And with that one word, he had somehow known and understood. Felt the pain she had endured listening to her parents yell hurtful things at one another, knew how Jade longed to travel beyond Sakkara's city limits, knew her love of music. What her spirit cried out for, and what her heart desired, Sekhemkhet, son of Sekhmet, gave to her that night. It had been so long ago, yet it was still as fresh in her mind as if it had happened yesterday.

Jade thanked Slash and left, but somehow, she just could not rid herself of the thought, that somehow just saying "Thank You" seemed inadequate.
Back at the hotel,she thought for a while,and after recalling some articles she had read,an idea sprung to mind, now if only she were able to track it down and it still existed. Jade hurried to the phone, and began dialing, she had lots favors to collect on, and not much time.


After the show, on the last night, shortly before they were due to head out for the next stop on the tour, there was a knock on Slash's tour bus door. "What now?" a bodyguard muttered, as he opened the door and peered out, ready to take care of business. Just as he was about to step down from the bus, he looked down on the ground and noticed a guitar case. Cautiously he looked around and once again looked carefully at the guitar case. "Does somebody want this signed?" he called out. Nothing, no reponse. Shaking his head, the bodyguard, opened the guitar case, and inside was a B.C. Rich Mockingbird, obviously used, but still in good condition. "What's wrong?" asked a familiar voice from the bus doorway. "You might want to take a look at this." the bodyguard said, showing Slash what was in the guitar case.
"No f**cking way." Slash said in disbelief once he had gotten a good look at the guitar. Hardly able to believe his eyes, he carefully took the guitar he thought he'd never see again in his hands. "Wait, there's a note with it.", The bodyguard said with surprise. "What's it say?" Slash asked.

The bodyguard read the note:

This is thank you.
For restoring to me
something I thought I'd lost,
And so, in return,
I am doing the same for you.


No one was able to recall seeing the slender young woman, with the medium brown shoulder-length hair and reddish brown skin who had dropped the guitar case off, and proceeded to make her way into the night with an unnaturally cat-like grace and swiftness.