Soundbreak Interviews SLASH 7/26/00

SLASH was a little late coming on as he was stuck in traffic. He didn't seem as cheerful as usual. Whether this was because of a dentist appointment, no cigarettes and no drink, we can't say. He arrived about 45 minutes late and the Soundbreak staff regretfully chose that time to come in with lots of items for SLASH to autograph. While the fans waited patiently for the staff to finish, they could talk and type in questions for SLASH (none were ever used). This was not the best interview we've seen done with SLASH as the staff seemed really overwhelmed by having SLASH there. Fortunately, SLASH made up for this by giving some of the longest and clearest answers to questions he must hear over and over again. The first question was about Guns. Why did Guns break up and what are the possibilities for a reunion? SLASH talked about GNR and a reunion for some time. That's probably the most complete answer we have heard on the Guns issue. They played "Shine" and SLASH said he played it with his Les Paul. This got into the question of how he met Les Paul. Everyone seems to want to know the complete history of Snakepit from its birth in 1995. SLASH was asked about Snakepit, and he told the whole story of how the band had begun and how this band compares to the original. Any story about Snakepit is always interesting! One thing that many fans don't quite get is the move from Geffen to Koch Records. The dj asked SLASH about Koch Records, and SLASH gave a complete answer on why he left Geffen and selected Koch. SLASH is always playing and writing music, so he has a lot to go around. In fact, Snakepit has enough for a second album already. He talked about having riffs stored away, and often when he is asked to do a guest appearance on an album, he has the music ready to go. And finally, we wanted to share SLASH something says when he is really impressed. This was about his forthcoming tour with AC/DC. And how do you feel about that, SLASH?

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