Have you heard SLASH's Snakepit '99 yet? There are so many of us that haven't! He might be coming to your town, but to help you hold on till then, here are some clips from one of Snakepit's shows. This is live, audience recorded at the Coachhouse in Santa Barbara, California on February 12, 1999. Wish we had a soundboard recording for you, but this gives you a taste of what's happening in the 'pit!

First, how about a band introduction by SLASH! Click on the picture of SLASH talking onstage below:

(WAV format,239KB)

Here's a new song from SLASH's Snakepit that will be on their forthcoming album. "99 Times"! Click on the picture of SLASH and snakes:

(WAV format,268KB)

This is a SLASH solo - also from "99 Times". To hear it, click on the boa picture below:

(WAV format,98KB)

This is another brand new SLASH's Snakepit song. It's one called "What Kinda Life" - a terrific song! To hear it, click on the SLASH's Snakepit picture below:

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This is a little clip where SLASH talks to the audience! He wants to know if any of his old Santa Barbara friends are there because he didn't call and tell them he was coming! Hey, SLASH, your old and best friends all know where you are playing every night! We're with you in spirit! Click on the picture below - SLASH has Godzilla out again!

(WAV format,12KB)

This new Snakepit song has an interesting title, "Serial Killer #7". How about a nice, sweet love song, guys? To hear the clip, click on SLASH in his blue top hat!

(WAV format,280KB)

Here's a little gem of a song called "Break You". Listen to the wonderful intro here. Rod sounds just super. And SLASH is right there soloing away. Wonderful! Hurry up with that album, guys. Click on the picture of Rod and SLASH below:

(WAV format,367KB)

Here's another SLASH solo. This is on the song "Break You" which you were listening to above. To hear Our Man Slash, click on the picture of SLASH soloing below:

(WAV format,121KB)

This song is called "Speed Parade". Catch SLASH in the beginning of the song. This is a rocker! Click on the picture of SLASH's Snakepit:

(WAV format,295KB)

"Landslide" is a Snakepit song that is often listed in the encore. What a rocker this is! The whole band sounds charged and ready to go. Click on SLASH below:

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