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Lyrics: It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

SLASH hadn't often written lyrics till the SLASH's Snakepit album, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. He says that he wrote "Mr. Brownstone" with Izzy for GNR, and he may have added a phrase or two in other GNR songs, but this project was one where he was deeply involved as a lyricist. It turned out he enjoyed it! "Monkey Chow" (Gilby Clarke) is the only track SLASH didn't contribute to. And "Be The Ball" is the only track done by SLASH alone. You can see glimpses of SLASH's life and feelings in these lyrics. Two songs are about suicide, "Lower" and "Neither Can I". At this time in his life, SLASH was dealing with suicides of a friend and a fellow recording artist (Kurt Cobain). SLASH says the songs may be about suicide, but they don't have pro-suicide lyrics. Check them out and see for yourself. "Be The Ball" is influenced by SLASH's favorite book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, and his love for pinball games. "Back and Forth Again" is written, he says, for everyone's old girlfriends, especially his. And "I Hate Everybody (But You)" was written for SLASH's wife who wanted a love song written for her, but later in his marriage and after the divorce, SLASH said that wasn't why it was written. We're still waiting for an explanation on that one. Even SLASH never figured out Gilby's "Monkey Chow", but he says that anytime there is a song about a monkey, a musician is only writing about one thing - drugs. And when asked what was "Dime Store Rock" about, Gilby Clarke said...well, what's a dime store? A store where you buy cheap things? These guys are too much! Well, here they are - lots of symbolism, lots of personal touches .....and lots of ROCK!


This is a menu of songs from It's Five O'Clock Somewhere. Find the song you're looking for below, click on the treble clef. The lyrics (and some great SLASH pictures will come up). At the end of each song's lyrics, there is a place to click and return right here to the Lyrics Menu. When you're finished trying to be Eric Dover, scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you'll find a way back to the SLASH Main Menu. All together now...."Be the ball....".

Neither Can I Dime Store Rock
Beggars & Hangers-on Good To Be Alive
What Do You Want To
Monkey Chow
Soma City Ward Jizz Da Pit
Lower Take It Away
Doin' Fine Be The Ball
I Hate Everybody
(But You)
Back And Forth Again

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