Le Freak
            Written by 
         Nile Rodgers and 
          Bernard Edwards

  Tabulature by Hector Giron
                      (Thanks, Hector!)

 "Le Freak"  

 Freak out!!             Le Freak c'est Chic          

  And it's the same rhythm throughout the whole song.  Pretty simple huh?  
  The trick is to get the timing right to give it that funky/disco sound 
  we all love.  It's a pretty catchy tune and definitely worth a good listen 
  because of the rhythmic possibilities.  The song is in the key of A and 
  armed with that knowledge you should be able to use the A major pentatonic 
  scale.  Here it is.

  The A Major Pentatonic Scale


  To spice it up you can add a few tasty notes to it


  After the solo, SLASH does this cool lick with the wah pedal.
Freak Out!!                                  Le Freak...Chic

 That's about all for today.  Hope you enjoy the song, jamming over it.
 And please pick up "Chic Live At The Budokan". SLASH plays on this song and 
 also on Jimi Hendrix's "Stone Free" with Steve Winwood.  And if you can, try
 to jam along to the other songs and see if you can do for them what SLASH 
 did for "Le Freak".


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