KLOS Interviews SLASH 7/14/00

SLASH did an interview this past Friday on KLOS 95.5 Los Angeles. He was on about an hour and a half. Clement managed to catch the whole show. We were able to capture a good portion of it on tape here on the East Coast. What you're reading is a mixture. First, SLASH was sometimes hard to hear with his softer voice. We wondered why they didn't turn up his mike. In true SLASH fashion, he got bleeped many times. Once the dj asked him why he was so jingly (the bracelet problem). He was introduced as a gentleman and nice guy, very polite. That sounds like the SLASH we know. They played the intro riff to Welcome..., and the dj said...here's the man that made that sound! SLASH mentioned that he has to play a lot. He says after 2 weeks he is afraid he will forget how to play. We don't think so! The first song played from the album was "Been There Lately" which really rocks. Rod is really something else...his voice is so strong and non-screechy! Very masculine, down home voice. An excellent singer who doesn't take an extra breath. The music rocked, and when it was over, we were bouncing off the walls! We have to mention SLASH's solos...just fantastic, and he adds that extra punch that pushes the record over the top. SLASH said that on tour they will play one, maybe two GNR songs, "Mr. Brownstone" and/or "It's So Easy". At one time he told us that they would play 3 Snakepit I songs, too, but that was awhile ago. Most of their set will be the new album. They took questions which were really lame for the most part. Any of the 100 we sent to SLASH were better than these. SLASH's girlfriend called in! She has a lovely, sexy voice and called SLASH... Hey, baby! No wonder SLASH is living the monogamous life these days. SLASH talked a lot about his experiences playing with other artists, recording and just jamming at a club. SLASH has a lot of interesting stories to tell. Clement caught the other two songs, "Mean Bone" and "Shine". We have been hearing about "Shine" from SLASH for a long time. It will be interesting to see if it is a single. Chris reported that on "Mean Bone" there is a woman talking at the beginning, and we figure this is the woman rapper that they hired for one song. Her name is Raya Beam. The song is about a woman that takes all of a guy's money.

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