Hope of Heaven

Hope of Heaven
by Kayleigh Brown

   It was the dead of night.
   Hands in the pockets of his black leather jacket, Slash walked the
moonlit streets of lower Los angeles, his shadow loomed long and his boot
heels were the only sound above the night wind. Slash's face was cast in
shadow as he stopped before a little yellow house. The moonlight made
hollows of his eyes and cheeks as he stared up at the window where Kayleigh
lay sleeping. Mind and body, heart and soul pulsed with lustful thoughts of
her. He was restless and edgy and now, in the darkness, he could admit that
it was this need for her that had driven him from his house to stand here now.
   She's just a girl. He reminded himself. She'll turn nineteen in just two
days. But, she was also a vital member of the Los Angeles Police
Department. Every morning when she awoke, she knew it might be her last day
on earth, as did he, and that changed everything. Or is that how I excuse
the fact that I can't stay away from her?
   In her sleep, Kayleigh brown stirred. She opened her eyes registering
the stillness. She turned on her bedside light, took a small sip of water
and slid out of bed. She padded down the hall to the bathroom in her
favorite blue satin pajama bottoms and black tank top. When she was done,
she slowly strolled back to her room, and went across to the window and
peered out. The streets were deathly quiet apart from the lone figure with
ebony curls and long leather jacket dissapearing into the darkness. 
   The following evening Kayleigh was waiting at the Rainbow nightclub in
contre Los Angeles, she had arranged to meet Slash here for a drink to
celebrate his Birthday. It was now half past ten and still Slash hadn't
arrived. Kayleigh stood up and looked around, finding herself on the dance
floor. Couples danced around her, the whispery sensuous music twining
around them as Kayleigh wandered alone.
   The crowd parted and, like a candle in the darkness, there he was.
   Slash! she thought radiantly as the mysterious guitarist smiled back at
her. There was a light in his eyes that was reflected in her heart as their
eyes met and held. Even as he stood out of her reach, she felt his touch on
her skin, the brush of his lips on hers and the whisper of his breath in
her ear. His smouldering glance told her he felt the same. No one could
love this much, want this much and need this much and not feel it.
   As if in a trance, they walked toward each other, arms outstretched. He
gripped her arms in his hands and they fell into a passionate kiss, her
arms around his neck and his around her waist, they swayed with the music
while savoring their intimate kiss.
   When they finally parted at the end of the evening, kayleigh returned to
her house and flopped down on the sofa, and with warm and cosy thoughts of
Slash she fell asleep.
   The next day, Slash was still in bed. He wasn't sleeping but he was
still under the covers.
   There was a soft knock at the door. "Slash it's me. Are you in?" 
   It was just after midday and he still wasn't dressed. Being a typical
rock star, Slash often slept through the day, if he slept at all.
   The sound of Kayleigh's voice both delighted and puzzled him. He was
unused to seeing her during the day. "Hang on a sec." he called.
   She was lovely, dressed for work in a blue shirt and black trousers. Her
medium rich brown hair hung freely around her shoulders. He was very aware
of his near nakedness as he stood back to let her in, clad in just his
boxer shorts.
   "What's up?" he asked.
   "I wanted to see you." she said looking up into his eyes. "I couldn't
stop thinking about you."
   "Me either." Slash said as he pulled on a pair of drawstring trousers.
"I was actually gonna come round and see you later."
   "What about?" she asked sitting on the corner of his bed and loosing
herself in the depths of his beautiful brown eyes.
   "I think I'm in love." he said. "You are the most beautiful
girl...woman, that I have ever seen, and I was wondering if you wanted to
be mine?"
   "Slash, I'd love to." she gasped.
   "Why did you wanna see me?" he asked.
   "same reason you wanted to see me. Plus I have a couple of hours before
I have to be at work." she wrinkled her nose playfully.
   He moved to kiss her, she tensed for a second then relaxed into it. Her
lips were hot against his cool mouth, her body was strong and coursing with
energy. The room was charged. The intensity rose in the dark intimacy of
the house. They moved as one, arms reached, caressed, embraced. Rings and
bracelets glinted as fingers gripped arms and shoulders, caressed necks and
caught up handfulls of hair. As they kissed, Slash drew Kayleigh down into
his bed.
   She's so beautiful. He thought. She feels so amazing, her skin her
hair... he breathed her in. The scent of her vanilla perfume, the satiny
softness of her neck, her shoulders, her hands caressing him.
   Oh Kayleigh, let me loose myself in you. Love me!
   As they melted into one another. Slash soared with joy. For the first
time in his life he had a hope of heaven.


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