Fan Asylum

Fan Asylum
by Mika

Imagine this you, 50 people. And your favorite guitarist Slash. What would you do? I would go crazy. Right now you are like is this a concert? No not exactly .You are one of the people who won the contest to meet Slash and spend a week with him.

One day Slash was lounging around. Playing pinball - you know the day is slow deals. Then out of the blue the phone rings.

“Uh hello?” Slash answered half nervously.
“Slash, this is Jim and we would want to know if you're doing the lock in?
“ Ah what” Slash confusedly replied.
“I thought Amy told you ”Jim replied. “Slash, you will be locked up with 50 of your hard-core fans. They sent us poems and drawings. You know, the whole nine yards. Slash, they’re inspired by you.”
“Well uh” Slash tried to say in shock. “Is it safe? OK I’ll do it.”
“ It’s located at 564 Oakland Road."

On the long drive down Slash was psyched to meet some of his fans. Thinks he’s more psyched than his fans. At the house games were being played as the people waited and music as loud as the radio would play it.

{Loud knock} “Is that Slash, Amy?” you ask [you're still a part of it]
Amy replies “I don’t know”
“Shawn, please get that.”
As Shawn gets the door he is in shock to see Slash.
“Finally! What took so long?” Amy asked curiously.
“I was in a traffic jam OK? Oh and Amy, you know what killed the cat?!” Slash joked.
“Cute” Amy had to get the last word.
“I'm ready to rock” Slash commented to all.

The second day you realize it was a dream. The hug, the music everything all a dream or was it. The Slash picture laid on your bed you're looking like “ where did this come from?” was it a dream? You make the call..

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