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(Updated January 2010)

SLASH has done some work on soundtracks; and when he has, his track(s) make the movie special to all of us. He watches the movie to see where his track would be and how best to fit his music to the style required at that point by the movie. Some like "Coneheads" and "The Decline of Western Civilization...." are in the hard rock style you've come to expect from SLASH, but when you hear his tracks on "Curdled", you'll be very surprised. SLASH learned Spanish guitar for that film, and the singles he made by himself and with Marta Sanchez were exceptional. The track on "Panther" is a breathtaking solo. We hope to hear more of him at the movies!

The Wrestler
  'The Wrestler Soundtrack'
  Koch Records 2009 USA CD
  SLASH all guitar parts of score

Fantastic 4: The Album
  'Come On, Come In'
  Sony BMG Music Entertainment 2005 AUS CD
  SLASH with Velvet Revolver


SLASH with Brian Tyler

'The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift' 2006
                   JAP CD Universal [170 099-7]
              SLASH on 'Mustang Nismo'


'The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: 
                   The Metal Years' 1988
                   USA LP Capitol [C1-90205]
                   USA Promo Sampler Cass 
                   USA CD Capitol [CDP790205 2]
               SLASH on 'Under My Wheels'

'Prime Cuts'
                    Hong Kong DVD Castle Music Pictures
                SLASH on Interviews 

The Coneheads Soundtrack
SLASH With Michael Monroe
'The Coneheads' soundtrack 1993 USA
   CD Warner Brothers [9 45345-2]

SLASH on singles:
  'Magic Carpet Ride' 1993 USA promo 
  CD Warner Brothers [PRO-CD-6391]
          'Magic Carpet Ride'

  'Magic Carpet ride' 1993 Japanese 3" CD 
      Warner Brothers [WPDP-6336]
          'Magic Carpet Ride'
Panther Soundtrack
'Panther' soundtrack 1995 USA CD 
         Mercury [314 525 492-2]
   SLASH on 
    'The Star Spangled Banner'

Curdled Soundtrack
With Marta Sanchez and Solo
'Curdled' soundtrack 1996 USA CD 
    Geffen [GEFD-25103]
                     1996 KOR CD
                     1996 JAP CD
   SLASH on 'Obsession Confession 
   SLASH on 'Obsession' with Marta

SLASH on singles:

'SLASH With Marta Sanchez: Obsession' 1996
    EU Promo CD Geffen
       [MCD 70960]
      'Album Radio Edit 3:33'
      'Moran Radio Edit 3:59'
      'Album Version 5:18'

'Obsession Confession' 1996
    USA Promo CD Geffen
         'Obsession Confession' (Instrumental)
            Edit 3:41
           LP Version: 5:39

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 
    Spain Promo CD Geffen
            [GED 76028]

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 USA 
                Promo CD Geffen
           'Moran Alt Radio Mix Edit'
           'Tony Moran Club Mix'
           'Moran Alt Radio Mix'
           'Moran Radio Mix'
           'Moran's Sweet Acoustical Rhythm Mix'

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 USA
                Promo CAS Geffen
           Song repeats 3 Times.

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 USA 
                CS (CAS Single) Geffen
           'Moran Radio Mix'
           'LP Version'
           'Tony Moran Club Mix'

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 USA CD Single
           'Moran Radio Mix'
           'LP Version'
           'Tony Moran Club Mix'
           'Moran's Sweet Acoustical Rhythm Mix'

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 USA Promo LP 
                Single Geffen
           'Tony Moran Club Mix'
           'Moran Radio Mix'
              Side B:
           'Moran's Sweet Acoustical Rhythm Mix'

'Obsession' with Marta Sanchez 1996 USA LP Single
           'Tony Moran Club Mix'
           'Moran Radio Mix'
             Side B:
           'Moran's Sweet Acoustical Rhythm Mix'
The Waterboy Soundtrack
With Lenny Kravitz
'The Waterboy' soundtrack 1998 USA CD 
    PGD/Hollywood [ASIN: B00000DMU1] 
   SLASH on 'Always On The Run' with
          Lenny Kravitz

See also: SLASH Guest Appearances 
       with Lenny Kravitz
Jackie Brown
With Snakepit '95

Jackie Brown was a Quentin Tarantino film made after Curdled.Tarantino decided to use some of SLASH's music in this film too, and the song he chose was Snakepit 1995's "Jizz Da Pit". The song is only on for a few seconds. Look for the scene where Sam Jackson and Robert DeNiro are watching a video called "Girls With Guns", and you can hear "Jizz Da Pit" in the background. It does not appear on the recorded movie soundtrack as available in record stores.

The Soundman Soundtrack
With Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum

The Soundman was an indie film that has yet to be released. Matt Sorum did the soundtrack work and recruited SLASH and Duff. The film was entered into the 1999 Slamdance Film Festival in Utah.

The Kid Stays in the Picture Soundtrack

The Kid Stays in the Picture is based on the autobiography of producer Robert Evans. Evans had a great deal to do with The Godfather picture. SLASH is a good friend of Robert's; and as a gift, SLASH recorded "The Love Theme from The Godfather". Robert loved this instrumental rock version, and he put it on the soundtrack for The Kid Stays in The Picture even though the song is not a track on the movie itself. The song is lovely and shows off SLASH's talent. The Kid Stays In The Picture is an audio CD released August 6, 2002 on the Milan Records label. The catalog number is 73138-35998-2. It has been nominated for a GRAMMY (45th awards, Feb.2003). Listen to this wonderful studio instrumental version that has been nominated for Best Rock Instrumental Performance:

"The Love Theme From The Godfather

Rated X Soundtrack

Rated X was an indie film that was produced by Showtime and appeared first on that network in May 2000. SLASH did a small amount of work on the soundtrack primarily playing seventies-style music. As yet the soundtrack has not been released. The film was entered into the 2000 Sundance Film Festival in Utah. The movie stars Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez as the Mitchell brothers who were porn kings in San Francisco. The film is now available on DVD and VHS. Rated X Showtime Entertainment DVD#: SHO1031 Color 115 minutes Rated X Showtime Entertainment VHS#: SHO1028 Color 115 minutes

The Italian Job Soundtrack

The Italian Job was released May 30, 2003 by Paramount Pictures. Velvet Revolver made its first public debut with the song "Money" on the soundtrack. This is a cover of a classic Pink Floyd song. It plays for a short while during the movie, and from beginning to end over the credits. The song is NOT included in the movie's recorded soundtrack as available in record stores. However, it can be heard on the DVD and VHS recordings: 2003 Paramount Pictures 05690.

The Hulk Soundtrack

The Hulk was released on June 20, by Universal Pictures in 3500 theaters across the US. Velvet Revolver did an original song for this movie, their first original song heard by the public and their second movie song (the first, The Italian Job). The song, called "Set Me Free" is played during the credits where each band member is listed by name as the name Velvet Revolver had not been selected at at that time.
The Hulk FS DVD 23075
2003 Universal 2 hrs, 18 min.

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