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Updated April 2009

SLASH's Snakepit

When SLASH left Guns N'Roses, he decided to do what he has been doing since he learned to play guitar: form a band. He liked the band name SLASH's Snakepit, but everyone in the old Snakepit recording and touring band was tied up with other projects. SLASH picked up good musicians he had jammed with at clubs around Los Angeles. He recruited Matt Laug on drums, Johnny Griparic on bass and Ryan Roxie on guitar. Then he went after a vocalist which has always proven to be a tough search. After auditioning 200 vocalists, he found Rod Jackson who had just the kind of voice for the music SLASH wanted to play. SLASH provided the talent and guidance to produce a great rock and roll band. Rod Jackson came up with the lyrics and phrasing. The result is Ain't Life Grand with 12 scorching rock and roll tracks marked by those blazing riffs SLASH can lay down. The band did a pre-album tour which was a very successful one. Then SLASH quit Geffen Records, and it took time to get signed with Koch Records. When the band was asked to go on a world tour opening for AC/DC, Ryan Roxie had already left on tour with Alice Cooper. SLASH easily found a truly great guitarist in Keri Kelli. Keri became a permanent member of the band. SLASH said they recorded enough material to put out a second album right away, but SLASH decided that he had done enough with Snakepit for awhile. He is now working on some SLASH projects, and the members of Snakepit have scattered to other projects and other bands. SLASH owns the band name, and he could restart Snakepit, but it is unlikely any of these band members would appear.

Ain't Life Grand

1/Been There Lately
2/Just Like Anything
4/Mean Bone
5/Back to the Moment
6/Life's Sweet Drug
7/Serial Killer
8/The Truth
10/Ain't Life Grand
11/Speed Parade
12/The Alien
JAPANESE, KOREAN {13 AND 14} AUSTRALIA {14} 13/Rusted Heroes
14/Something About Your Love

 USA         2000 CD advance copy with back sticker only

 USA         2000 CD advance copy with paper back liner

 USA         2000 CD advance copy with special artwork

 USA         2000 CD promo copy

 USA         2000 CD

 UK          2000 CD advance copy  Transfermation advance
             promo 12-track recordable CD-R acetate, 
             custom printed disc and title insert

 ARG         2000 CD promo 
           [CD PRO 1017]
             {1,5} + 2 20 sec. microguia

 ARG         2000 CD

 GER         2000 CD promo in cardboard sleeve
           [EDEL 0118752EREP]

 GER         2000 CD
           [EDEL 0118752ERE]

 AUSTRIA     2000 CD
           [333 802]

 JAP         2000 CD with 2 bonus tracks, sticker, lyric

 KOR         2000 CD with 2 bonus tracks, sticker, lyric
           [KPC-A0024]Synarra Music       

 AUS         2000 CD with 1 bonus track
           [KOC-CD-8198] Shock Records

 TAI         2000 CD with 2 bonus tracks, sticker, survey
             card with SLASH on it

 USA         2000 CAS 

 CAN         2000 CAS promo "Snippets From..."

Been There Lately single

1/Been There Lately

 USA         9/2000 5"CD advance with
             paper back liner only

 CAN         9/2000 5"CD promo

 AUSTRIA     9/2000 5"CD promo
           [353 669] 
            {1, 6}

Clip from "Been There Lately"...3:06
     of the 4:00 minute track:

Mean Bone single

1/Mean Bone

 USA         2000 5" CD promo

 AUS         2000 5" CD
    3 Tracks: 1)Mean Bone
                (radio edit)
              2)Rusted Heroes
              3)Mean Bone
                (album version)


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