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SLASH's Snakepit '95

While GNR was on hiatus, SLASH formed a band called SLASH's Snakepit. Band members were: Matt Sorum on drums, Gilby Clarke on rhythm guitar, Mike Inez on bass, Eric Dover on vocals, and SLASH on lead guitar. On February 14, 1995, they released an album, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere, on the Geffen label. When it came time to tour, some of the band members had commitments to their home bands and couldn't go. The Snakepit touring band members were: Brian Tichy on drums, Gilby Clarke on rhythm guitar, James Lomenzo on bass, Eric Dover on vocals, and SLASH on lead guitar. The band toured the US, Europe, Japan and South America.

The album had respectable sales with a couple of singles released as well. It's Five O'Clock Somewhere went platinum worldwide. What follows is the discography of this album.

SLASH's Snakepit
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

1/Neither can I
2/Dime store rock
3/Beggars & hangers-on
4/Good to be alive
5/What do you want to be
6/MonKey chow
7/Soma city ward
8/Jizz da pit
10/Take it away
11/Doin' fine
12/Be the ball
13/I hate everybody (but you)
14/Back and forth again

 Argentina   95 CASS [TMS 24730]
 Australia   14/2/95 CD [GEFD-24730]
 Canada      14/2/95 CD [GEFSD-24730]
 Canada      95 CASS [GEFC-24730]
 Germany     14/2/95 CD [GED-24730]
 Germany     95 CD [GED-24730] with promo video
            "Beggars And Hangers On" and "Good 
             To Be Alive" [PINK3]
 Japan       14/2/95 CD box set with postcards
 Japan       14/2/95 CD [MVCG-169]
 Mexico      14/2/95 CD [GEFD2]
 South Africa14/2/95 CD [CDGEF (WF) 24730]
 South Africa14/2/95 CASS [L4GEF (N)24730]
 Taiwan      95 CASS [GEFC-24730]
 UK          14/2/95 Double LP [GEF 24730]
 USA         95 CD advanced copy
 USA         95 CD advance rush pressing 
               handwritten label
               Geffen promo only
               Radio Edit 4:58
 USA         95 CD promo [GEFD-24730]
 USA         14/2/95 CD [GEFD-24730]
 USA         14/2/95 CASS [GEFC-24730]
Beggars & Hangers-On single

1/Beggars & hangers-on (edit version) 2/Beggars & hangers-on (LP version) 3/Dime store rock 4/Good to be alive

 Australia   2/95 5"CD
 Germany     2/95 5"CD[GED-21970]
 Holland     2/95 5"CD [GED-21977]
 USA         2/95 5"CD promo
               [PRO-CD-4719] {1,2}
 USA         2/95 VIDEO promo NTSC
               [TRT 4:58] {1}
Good To Be Alive single

  1/Good to be alive (LP version)
  2/Good to be alive (edit)
  3/Neither can I*
  4/Back and forth again*
  * live at 2MM studios Sydney,
    Australia  February 1995
 Australia    26/6/95 5"CD 
               unique PS 
 EEC         6/95 5"CD [GED 22058] 
 Holland     6/95 5"CD [GED 22058] 
 USA         5/95 5"CD promo 
                 [PRO-CD-4739] {1,2}
Neither Can I single

  1/Neither Can I
  2/Dime Store Rock (excerpt)
  3/What Do You Want To Be
  4/Soma City Ward (excerpt)
  5/Lower  (excerpt)
  * Plus interview by 
        Jon Sutherland
 Italy         95 5"CD Ermitage 
    [THN 005 SIAE] {1,2,3,4,5}

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