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Musical artists reach out to fans internationally using the internet. They have interviews, do chats, post messages on bulletin boards, write email, and make special appearances. SLASH is using the power of the internet to entertain and touch his fans. He's done a couple of chats, been on live performance shows, and made special appearances. Through the SLASH Official Fan Site, SLASH communicates with fans about his schedule, his opinions and just about anything. SLASH says he is a "dinosaur" about the internet, but we think he must be a T-Rex!


With Neil Zlozower, Rock Photographer

Neil Zlozower, rock photographer and "new-found internet junkie", invited Slash to come down for an online chat session via Netscape. Similar to IRC, the chat line got overloaded at one point, and mayhem broke loose. The "moderated" channel crashed, so we moved over to the unmoderated one...

To read this internet chat, click on SLASH below:

October 16, 1996
Sponsored by Pepsi World and TicketMaster Online

SLASH was asked many questions about the Snakepit 95 tour as well as about GNR plans. He responded to guitar and music questions, too. It was a very intense chat. If you'd like to read the chat transcript, click on the picture of SLASH below:

October 9, 1999

NetAid is an internet-based organization designed to achieve many world wide goals through donations of money and time. A NetAid concert was held in the UK, Belgium and the US with many musical artists taking part. SLASH was invited to play with Puff Daddy on one of his songs, and it was a great performance. SLASH took Puff Daddy's song "It's All About The Benjamins" and made it rock! While sound was a problem throughout the show, guess what? You could sure hear SLASH! Absolutely stunning! Puffy gave SLASH a wonderful introduction. Then the Human Riff from LA came out and showed New York how it's done! Those of us watching at home were excited to see signs for SLASH in the audience and to hear all that applause at the end. Great to see SLASH up there where the whole world was watching! The concert was simulcast on television as well as the net.

Los Angeles Music Awards
November 18, 1999

SLASH was presented with the Paul Rothchild Award at the LA Music Awards. This award is given to the LA musician who contributes to the growth of the music scene in the LA area and in recognition of their professional ability. Paul Rothchild was very active in the LA music scene till the time of his death a few years ago. He is probably best remembered as the Doors' producer. SLASH was cited for his extensive club playing in the early GNR years, his profesional ability in branching out and playing with a variety of musicians (Lenny Kravitz, Michael Monroe, etc.), his Blues Ball and two Snakepit bands that heavily played the area, and SLASH's habit of dropping in any LA club anytime and jamming with the band. Congratulations, SLASH! The awards were web broadcast. The complete show was not broadcast, so those watching on the internet did not see SLASH get his award. SLASH jammed with Paul Rodgers, and this performance was broadcast over the internet.

VH1's atWork
January 20, 2000
Goofin' Off atWork - SLASH, DJ

SLASH was a guest DJ on VH1's internet-only radio show, atWork. He selected all the music for the program and gave an intro to each song. We couldn't bring you the entire show here (check to see if the complete show is in the archives) due to size limitations, but we have brought the SLASH introductions and maybe a few notes of the song. The audio here is in mp3 format (mplayer is a good choice for software, available free on

Click on each picture to hear DJ SLASH!:

AerosmithBack in the Saddle Again
FearI Don't Care About You
MegadethPeace Sells But Who's Buying
Jeff BeckSuperstitious
Led ZeppelinBlack Country Woman
Jimi HendrixDolly Dagger
Iggy PopTVI
MetallicaDisposable Heroes
Thin LizzyThunder and Lightning
Guns N'RosesWelcome to the Jungle (Live)

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