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Many musical artists have appeared in the movies: Jon Bon Jovi, Courtney Love, Mick Jagger, Elvis Presley, and on and on. SLASH is no exception! His parts have been relatively small, but he still looks great. SLASH has played himself or the kind of character he can understand well, but maybe someday we will see SLASH as the latest James Bond! What follows is a list of the movies SLASH has appeared in to date, a short description of the film as well as SLASH's part in the movie.



Fifth entry in the "Dirty Harry" series starring Clint Eastwood. Here, Eastwood becomes embroiled in a string of murders involving a game called the "Dead Pool," involving a list of celebrities likely to die soon, from which participants wager on who will die first.

Jim Carrey makes a short-lived appearance as a rock star and lip synchs "Welcome to the Jungle". The original GNR band are all in the movie as a disreputable group of Carrey's friends. SLASH can be seen about three times in the movie in crowd scenes. Look for the top hat! Although he has no lines, he was the Gunner chosen to fire off a spear gun.


Autobiography of Howard Stern, the King of All Media. Tells the story of Howard's life from the time he was a young boy till today. Howard now has syndicated TV and radio shows.

SLASH appears as himself. He and then-wife Renee can be seen in a quick scene at the start of the movie. Look for them backstage after Howard does his Fartman routine at an award show. Renee says a few words, but they can't be heard. SLASH was the one given the lines, but Renee was trying to be an actress, so he gave them to her. SLASH, looking very cool as always, tips his sunglasses down to get a better look at Howard in his costume.


This soft porn, "Guaranteed to Offend" comedy is composed of a diverse selection of racy sketches and parodies. Starring are SLASH, Joey Buttafuoco, and Mike "Bear" Duncan (Armaggedon).

The raunchy sketches include Slash as the host of the "Miss America Baglady Pageant". SLASH acts very drunk (he wants fans to know he was just acting!)during the judging. At the end, the guy with the guitar, wandering around, is NOT SLASH!

Early '90s

This is a documentary on women, rock and roll and Harley Davidsons. Women are interviewed throughout the film as to why they like rock music and Harleys. Gilby Clarke and Matt Sorum are interviewed, and they talk about motorcycles. SLASH, Matt, Duff and Gilby appear in a segment where they are jamming at a rehearsal. SLASH says he has no recollection of the film, and the clip must have been just added to the documentary. There are no sex scenes, but there is nudity when the women dance. The documentary was seen on DirecTV on the Adult Network.

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