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SLASH Interviews (non-print)
Updated April 2007

SLASH is always in demand for interviews. He's done them with newspapers, magazines, TV shows, radio shows, and even for CD. Radio shows are covered in another part of the discography. SLASH CD interviews are here. These are CDs made strictly as interviews for the public or for promotional purposes. These are NOT radio interview CDs.

SLASH gives a great interview. He is honest and funny and relaxed and cool! If you've seen or heard him with Howard Stern, you know what we mean. Howard can be a really tough interviewer, but SLASH makes it through like a champ. When you read or listen to a SLASH interview, you can gain insight to the man behind the riffs. Very interesting!

Interview With SLASH

     'Interview With SLASH'
        (Boston, MA  3/15/93)  
      GER PROMO CD Geffen 1993

SLASH's Snakepit Interview

     'SLASH's Snakepit Interview'
    (  7/02/01 11:58pm)
        CD  2001 

July 2007 Guitar World SLASH New Column

     'July 2007 Guitar World SLASH New Column'
        PLUS How to Play "Mr. Brownstone"
        CD  2007

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