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(Updated September 2009)

You're out in your car listening to the radio - if you listen to a metal station, you'll never hear an alternative style song. Radio stations pick a style of music and tend to stay with it. Record companies take singles of similar style and put them on promo cds. These are given to the radio stations in hopes they will put the whole or part of the cd on the playlist. There are companies who make a business of pulling compilations together for radio stations. Another type of compilation is made by record companies when they again choose singles from their artists, put them on a cd, and sell these as a regular release. The record companies usually have a theme in mind...back to school, the holidays, etc.

SLASH has had his songs appear on the radio playlist cd as well as the themed compilation as a regular release. In this list, you'll find a SLASH song listed followed by the compilations it has appeared on. Try these compilations - if they have SLASH on there, they have to be some of the best!

Sound Response
  'Fall to Pieces' (acoustic version)
  Target Store (USA) Compilation CD 2005
Rebels of Rock
  'She Builds Quick Machines'*, 'The Last Fight', 'Get Out the Door', 'Let It Roll' and 
     'Mary Mary'
     *Full song
  Sony BMG (USA) Promo CD
  [SBMCD 06/07]

BMG Power Rock #2
  'Beggars and Hangers On' and 'Good to be Alive'
  BMG Music (Malaysia) 1995 CD
  [PCD 010]
  SLASH with SLASH's Snakepit

Guitar Gods
  'No More Mr. Nice Guy'
  Fantastic Price Records 2006 CD
  [BIG 4408 2]
  SLASH with Roger Daltry

Universal Christmas
  Universal ITA 1997 Promo CD (2 discs)
  [UMD 77047]

Sing A Song of Sixpence
  'Sing A Song With Six Strings'
  Sony Wonder CD US [LK 80265]
  Sony Wonder Advance Copy US CD

Been There Lately
  'Hard Rock #43'
  FR Free Promo CD
  With Hard-Rock Magazine n.61

  'In your ear 4'
  sfx 2000 Free Promo CD
  'Bah Humbug!: Totally Christmas-free CD'
  Classic Rock CR 23/14/00

The Truth
  'Volume 18  Music With Attitude'
  Rocksound 2000
  With Issue No.18 of Rock Sound Magazine
          (November 2000)  

Life's Sweet Drug
  'This Is Seymour Duncan: United By Tone Vol.1'
  Seymour Duncan 2001 USA
  Seymour Duncan Web Site Sale to benefit 
       The September 11 Fund

Just Like Anything
'Classic Rock: Where Legends Live'
   EU Free CD 11/20/2000
      [CR 20/11/00]

'Maximum Volume!'
   Classic Rock
      [CR 22/13/00] 

Beggars and Hangers-On (edit)

'The Album Network's Rock Tuneup 127'  
      USA PROMO CD 1/20/95 
       The Album Network  

'New Music Sampler Vol.2/95'
     CAN PROMO CAS 1995
      MCA Records Canada[MCAC-9505]

'MCA Radio Compilation CD#3'
    CAN Promo CD 2/95
     MCA Records Canada[MCA-9506]

Good To Be Alive (edit)

'The Album Network's Rock Tuneup 131'  
      USA PROMO CD 4/14/95 
       The Album Network

'MCA Radio Compilation CD#9'
     CAN Radio CD 5/95
      MCA Records Canada

'CD Promocional'
     ARG PROMO CD 1995 
      BMG Argentina
        [PCD 142] 

Beggars & Hangers-On (edit)

'Chartbreaker's Weekly Hit CDs'  
     USA PROMO CD 2/10/95 
      Broadcast Programming[CHW-0695]

Dime Store Rock

'MCA New Music Sampler-Vol.2/95'  
     CAN PROMO CAS 1995 
  MCA Records Canada[MCAC-9505]

Obsession Confession

'Peaceful Greasy Feelin'      
 1996 Geffen [PRO-CD-1085]
'Gypsy Soul: New Flamenco' USA CD 1998
        Narada [72438-45506-2-2]

'Rare Requests Volume 1' USA Promo CD 2000 Atlantic

'Smooth Jazz 94.7 The Wave Presents Wave Aid Eight' USA CD 2000 
       The Wave 94.7 KTWV [KTWV08-01]


'MCA Compilation Disk' CAN CD 1996 
     MCA Music Entertainment
               [CD #18]

Now or Never

'Hard Rock #43'
  FR Free Promo CD
  With Hard-Rock Magazine n.61

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Guitar III Hero Legends of Rock Companion Pack

'Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Companion Pack'
  2007 Interscope Records CD USA
  SLASH on 'Guitar Hero 3 Intro'

'Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Companion Pack'
  2007 Interscope Records CD Jap
   [174 876-5]

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